Rosemary’s Farm is located ninety minutes north of Manhattan, but we can bring the farm to you! Sign-up for our bi-weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share to join us in the bounty. Create a custom farm box with the addition of our supplemental shares such as Organic Fruit, Local Eggs, Housemade Pasta & Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella and more.


Our Rosemary’s Farm CSA Sales Begin February 22. Please stay tuned for exciting additions to our CSA program. Thank you for your interest in Rosemary’s Farm CSA!





What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct link between farmer and consumer. Members sign up for a ‘share’ to provide the farmer with advance capital before the beginning of the busy growing season. In return, the farmer delivers weekly or bi-weekly bundles of produce for their ‘investors’ at a great value. Members pay in full prior to receiving the first share and reap the bounty throughout the season. Our Rosemary’s Farm CSA is another way for us to work together with our West Village neighbors.

Why join a CSA?

Joining a CSA provides access to fresh produce while bridging the gap between farmer and consumer. By paying in advance, the farmer is provided with financial security to purchase seeds and prepare for the upcoming growing season. Joining a CSA project is the most delicious way to participate in your local food system!

How does Rosemary’s Farm CSA work?

Rosemary’s Farm operates at Bi-Weekly CSA membership. Purchase the optional fresh pasta upgrade to receive a rotating selection of homemade pasta with seasonal vegetable sauces. All CSA members pay in advance for their bounty with pick-up at Rosemary’s on a bi-weekly basis. Members will receive a welcome notification with specific pick-ups dates and details for the plan they have chosen. Our pickup time on Thursdays from 12pm-8pm happens to overlap with happy hour—we encourage to you to partake and meet other members at the wine bar. The summer CSA season runs from June – October. Shares are limited so order now!

What do I get in my Rosemary’s Farm CSA share?

The beauty of a CSA membership is that the bounty varies for each pickup based on what is growing on the farm that specific week. We rotate our crops on a seasonal basis, though you can generally expect a mix with some of the following in your vegetable share—leafy greens, radishes, peas, seasonal herbs, beets, carrots, spring onions, snap beans, summer squash, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, celery, fennel, dry beans, cabbages, sweet corn, potatoes, and winter squash. Our fruit share also changes throughout the season but would likely include—berries, cherries, stone fruit, apples, and pears. The pasta and sauce rotates each week with a variety of pasta shapes and seasonal sauces made with the freshest vegetables at Rosemary’s Farm. Our eggs are from heritage breed chickens. Our fresh mozzarella is made with local dairy from the Hudson Valley.

What is the price of the CSA share?

Our standard CSA vegetable share is $200 for the season and includes 10 bi-weekly pickups ($20/week). Our fruit share is $100 for the season ($10/week). All supplemental items will be delivered along with your vegetable share on a bi-weekly basis. Create a custom farm box with the addition of our local eggs, housemade pasta & sauce, fresh mozzarella, Rosemary’s foccacia and more.  Pricing for supplemental items starts at $5 per week. Our Rosemary’s Farm Totes are a one time purchase and will be delivered with your CSA. Payment is due at time of order via PayPal. All orders are final and non-refundable.

What is a Rosemary's Farm Sponsor?

Our CSA membership extends beyond the physical produce. We encourage our members to be a part of the Rosemary’s Farm community all year long. As a Rosemary’s Farm Sponsor you have access to a variety of CSA member events, such as our Annual Pig Roast located at the farm or our monthly farm dinners that take place at the restaurant in Greenwich Village.  A variety of different memberships can be added to your CSA share. Become a part of the Rosemary’s Farm family today!

I’m in! How do I get started?

Amazing news! Getting started is simple. Click here, and you’ll be redirected to an order form where you can customize your membership. Then, we’ll contact you with details on pickup dates. Prepare yourself for the bounty of fresh summer produce. Shares are limited so order now! Questions? Send us a message at